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Everything Changed When I Met That Girl by A-chana Everything Changed When I Met That Girl :icona-chana:A-chana 25 7 The Spirit of Eld and the Bystander by A-chana The Spirit of Eld and the Bystander :icona-chana:A-chana 31 3
Daughters of the Lullaby - Chapter 4
Despite her resolve, Clarith found that she was frozen with hesitation as more coherent thoughts crept into her mind, filling her with doubt.
What was the point of all this? Yes, it would carry out the mission that the rebels in Lucifenia unknowingly failed at, but then what? It wouldn't bring anyone back to life – not the innocents she executed, not the people of Yatsuki, and certainly not Michaela. Even if she killed Riliane, nothing would change. Clarith would still be all alone.
Her hands shook as she tried to regain her wits and focus on her task. Was she really this weak? Was she really so weak that she couldn't bring herself to kill the Daughter of Evil?
I… I can't do this! I can't do this to Michaela! She needs closure! I need closure!
She squeezed her eyes shut, and forced herself to thrust her gripped knife downwards.
At that moment, she felt a force push back against her, as if a hand wrapped around her wrist and stopped her m
:icona-chana:A-chana 9 13
Daughters of the Lullaby - Chapter 3
When confronted with a scenario she did not like, Riliane's first reaction was to kill everyone that had displeased her. The problem was that, while she had a vague idea of what Michaela looked like, she had fled the scene too fast to be captured, and no one was willing to tell Riliane who exactly she was. She then made a very simple order: Elphegort was to be utterly destroyed, and every green-haired woman residing in it was to be captured and executed. That way, she could be sure that the right girl died. As for the others that weren't her… Well, who cared? They all should have gone and dyed their hair black or something the moment the invaders crossed the border between the two kingdoms.
Lucifenia's army was ruthless. They had already destroyed the country of Asmodin long before Riliane was born, so what was one more kingdom? Even though there were several towns separating Aceid from the Lucifenian border, there was still not enough time to properly defend against the onslaug
:icona-chana:A-chana 8 4
Daughters of the Lullaby - Chapter 2
By the end of the week, the two had left Yatsuki without a word, packing only food, money, and a few essential clothes and tools. Most of the trip was done on foot, taking up an entire day. Still, it was worth it to finally be free of the life of pain Clarith had known, and she and Michaela passed the time by telling each other stories and making plans for what they'd do when they reached the capital. The next day, they found the road leading to the city, and they encountered a woodcrafter who was heading there on a horse-drawn wagon to sell his goods. He allowed the two girls to hitch a ride, and by late afternoon, they were in Aceid City.
The capital of Elphegort was so much more than Clarith had dreamed it would be. Everyone hurried around with purpose and the streets were lined with salespeople plying their goods. The scent of fresh food from restaurants and bakeries permeated the air, and the pair spent the next few hours just drifting about from place to place, taking in all the
:icona-chana:A-chana 6 6
Daughters of the Lullaby - Chapter 1
Even with their limited knowledge on human relationships, the spirits of the Eldoh Forest knew when people did things that weren't right. They understood that when Duke Venomania brainwashed dozens of women and forced them into his harem, as well as when the former warlord Conchita treated those around her not as human beings, but as delicious meals. They knew that the current poverty in Lucifenia was caused by the selfish Riliane who always got her way, while in Marlon, the former queen Prim was using her children Ney and Kyle as tools to carry out a takeover of the other kingdoms.
Right within the backyard of the forest, though, even more crimes were taking place. Deep in the forest was a village called Yatsuki that was so isolated from the rest of the country of Elphegort that they only ever saw people with green hair. It could be any of the associated shades, from a dull and dark turquoise to a bright spring green, but as long as there was some green in the hair color, it was perfe
:icona-chana:A-chana 20 10
It wasn't really unusual for Kiyoteru to be cooped up indoors on such a beautiful Sunday. While he had very few students, and even fewer of them with any significant amount of assignments, it just meant that he had more time to analyze what work they did turn in much closer and give them all much more personalized education than they could get in a large class size. It didn't help that a few, mainly the Kagamine twins, tended to procrastinate on even the little assignments, then turning it all in a flood of work. Sooner or later, he was going to have a make a zero-tolerance rule on late work just for them…
To him, it was better that he had to stay inside while most of the others were out. With over two dozen Vocaloids and counting all living together in a medium-sized dormitory, it didn't take much to engulf half of the building in loud pandemonium. Even though several were still hanging around, they weren't the rowdy types that usually triggered said chaos. Having even a third of
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Red String of Fate by A-chana Red String of Fate :icona-chana:A-chana 2 1 Cendrillon - OCxOC - JaceAero by A-chana Cendrillon - OCxOC - JaceAero :icona-chana:A-chana 3 0
Mature content
I Don't Like Your Girlfriend :icona-chana:A-chana 3 0
In Her Likeness
I left Maple Island nearly five years ago, going from an underdeveloped, tiny island to a slightly larger and slightly more advanced island. Since then, Victoria Island has branched out across the world. Bit by bit, more Explorers check out new continents. Even Maple Island has joined in on the prosperity and expanded. Still, this world does see trouble often. Monsters in Kerning sewers, day-long invasions in Henesys, Shumi losing her money all the time.
Once, Masteria and the places within had only recently been opened to the public. New Leaf City became the hottest new place for an Explorer to see. After all, back then no one could access Leafre, and the Nautilus hadn't come back. One change would attract everyone.
Around October of that year, I heard of some very strange rumors. The gates to an old, abandoned mansion had opened. No one was stopping people from getting in, save an old man who bitterly warned passersby that it was a cursed place.
Old Man Tom, as many people called him
:icona-chana:A-chana 2 0
MapleStory Calendar 2011 entry by A-chana MapleStory Calendar 2011 entry :icona-chana:A-chana 0 0 Paper Story - All Images by A-chana Paper Story - All Images :icona-chana:A-chana 16 8
Trial by Ice
On her eleventh birthday, Ruto still did not care about what was going on outside the Domain.
Yeah, it was a little disturbing. The Royal Family had close ties to the Zoran monarchy, and their Princess Zelda was a little less than a year older than her. However, Ruto wasn't worried at all about the possibility that the Zoras would get involved; the castle town was so far away, separated by water and land. There was more than enough time to prepare, just in case that Gerudo man tried to enter the Domain.
Besides, even if he did break through their defenses, there was a trump card: Ruto's fiancé. Link had rescued her once, and if she was ever in danger again, he'd come to her aid.
- - -
At twelve, Ruto was starting to get bored. There were increasingly stiffer curfews put upon her as time went on. Wasn't she supposed to become less restricted as she got older?
One of the guards even caught her as she was coming out of Lord Jabu-Jabu and had the nerve to snitch on her. Hone
:icona-chana:A-chana 1 7
IMITATION BLACK - SedJaceTsu by A-chana IMITATION BLACK - SedJaceTsu :icona-chana:A-chana 2 1
Her Duty
She looked back only once, studying his face. Even though he stared back in confusion, not knowing why she had chosen to leave and not tell him why, she wanted to burn his looks into her mind so that she'd have something to hold onto later.
The singular window in the chamber had no glass, and that made things easier for Navi. She floated through, blinded momentarily by the light that shined upon the sacred sword and the hero that had once wielded it, and after what seemed to be eternity, she was outside. Navi didn't know where exactly she was going, instead letting instinct guide her, like she was a wounded creature that was searching for a place to hide until relief came to her. For a while, she wandered aimlessly, flying into the town, up and down the alleyways.
Once, they had found a soldier lying there, mortally injured in the attempt to subdue Ganondorf. When he saw that Link had received Zelda's message, he looked so happy, even as he finally passed away right in front of them.
:icona-chana:A-chana 3 1


3D background Tutorial by yuumei 3D background Tutorial :iconyuumei:yuumei 24,194 1,373 Paper Mario Companions Part 2 by squish-squash Paper Mario Companions Part 2 :iconsquish-squash:squish-squash 180 25 Paper Mario Companions by squish-squash Paper Mario Companions :iconsquish-squash:squish-squash 138 24 Commission : The Story of Evil by tandolcedeco Commission : The Story of Evil :icontandolcedeco:tandolcedeco 576 36 Paper Mario TTYD - Plaits Would Suit You, Darling! by oddsocket Paper Mario TTYD - Plaits Would Suit You, Darling! :iconoddsocket:oddsocket 99 110 Daughter of White by Hsk0254 Daughter of White :iconhsk0254:Hsk0254 7,212 657 Chrono Story by Rgveta Chrono Story :iconrgveta:Rgveta 527 62 Custom Brush Supplement 2 by DarlingMionette Custom Brush Supplement 2 :icondarlingmionette:DarlingMionette 9,667 3,378 SAI Paper Textures 2 by ToadsDontExist SAI Paper Textures 2 :icontoadsdontexist:ToadsDontExist 1,427 132 SAI Brushes by ToadsDontExist SAI Brushes :icontoadsdontexist:ToadsDontExist 2,156 263 SAI Screentone Paper Textures by ToadsDontExist SAI Screentone Paper Textures :icontoadsdontexist:ToadsDontExist 2,541 390 How Not to Play Persona 3 by ancret How Not to Play Persona 3 :iconancret:ancret 4,122 816 Kirby Egg-Catcher by JohnSu Kirby Egg-Catcher :iconjohnsu:JohnSu 3,191 815 Birthday Gift: A-chana by Delichanicho Birthday Gift: A-chana :icondelichanicho:Delichanicho 1 4


I want to preserve all my old comments and such, but don't want to look too long at my old drawings and writings. Besides, I've wanted to abandon this usename for the longest time.

So! Here's my new account: I'm gonna re-watch a lot of people and groups, too.


is inflating her ego. Again.
United States


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